Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gardening @ Graystone Lane...

Jalapeno peppers

My first summer at Graystone Lane is proving most fruitful...

My daughter, BriAnna has planted red and yellow cherry tomatoes and an assortment of peppers and herbs in our whiskey barrels. This is the start of our plan to have a "potager" outside the mudroom entrance to our house.

This a major endeavor for me...a beginner gardener. 

cherry tomatoes

Besides growing vegetables and herbs for our dinner table, I am going to slowly add lavender plants...yes, I dream of having a small lavender farm.

I've only attempted growing lavender in pots...just a few pots...with limited success. Now, I am determined to be successful in my quest to have a lavender farm...just a small one. This is one of the reasons I love Graystone Lane with it's 2.5 acres of useable land. It will be dreamy to have dried lavender and other flowers hanging in the loft drying amongst my vintage found objects (selling on my Etsy site).

I'll keep you posted on my efforts. Until next time...

Enjoy the Day!

xx Agnes