Sunday, June 26, 2011

How are you celebrating?

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh... with the arrival of Summer
we all start prepping to celebrate the 4th of July
and the holiday's favorite activities 

San Antonio's River Walk

fireworks and grilling...


However, with our drought conditions in San Antonio...
it will just be the light from the BBQ coals 
 illuminating the darkness when the sun goes down
NO FIREWORKS shows allowed this year!
I'll just catch other cities' fireworks extravaganzas on Television...
as I'm chowing down my BBQ de-lites...smack!

Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm singing...

Rain drops keep falling on my head...

It was music to my ears
listening to the rain drumming 
on the roof top last nite...
so happy...just wanted to share!


Saturday, June 18, 2011


I  celebrate my Dad today 
who lost his battle to cancer and joined 
his wife (our mom) in heaven on March 12th of this year...

Edward Borja, Sr

played the mandolin and accordian
Brigida, his wife and our mom

civil service for 33 years

my Dad...

 loved his family
took pride in his work and worked hard
inspired his grandchildren with his love of music
and did his best to be there for us

I am a better person today
for having him as my Dad and he will be
"forever in my heart"

Happy Father's Day...
Give that special man in your life
the biggest bear hug today and everyday

Enjoy the day!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Where do I go a' hunting?

The hunt for objects
whether for my home
I always pick items I would keep for myself
or for resale
 is the best part of being
a dealer in vintage goods...

 I find objects at...
 estate sales, garage sales
flea markets, antiques shops
Goodwill,consignment shops

Pics by fete et fleur
 I try to make time to drop by one of these places
when I visit family and friends in...
San Francisco, Lafayette, Hayward
Las Vegas, Los Angeles
Portland, Hillsboro, Forest Grove
to name a few destinations

Pics by Artichoke Rose
I'd also like to attend another antiques show 
like Farm Chicks, Portland Expo, or the Texas shows
I've been to some and not others

Missed this year's event...darn!
but, preparing a home for sale and 
a move to a new state
has me focusing on other things right now
no time for...

I would love to be a vendor 
at one of the Northwest shows
after all, my kids live up there 
and I have a stash of goodies in a storage locker
I'd have to recruit helpers 
I wonder if my girl and sis would be interested?

BriAnna and Rose
Oh well...
a girl can dream right?

Farm Chicks pics by Blissful Blooms
and I like to dream big...
Happy Hunting and be sure to
Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I've been enjoying the lovely photos
in my current issue of
Jeanne d' Arc Living...

Flipping through each page with all the inspiring photos
is helping me to decide which of my found objects
I will keep and pack up for our new home
 and which treasures I will list for sale on my Etsy site
(or Craig's list? on the larger items)

love this look for our new guest rooms
I've also stumbled across new blogs 
that are playing a part in my decision making...

Lilla Blanka pic
 I choose to keep some of my
French enamelware pitchers and canisters
(I have been collecting canisters  like the one  
in the above photo for many years)

Lilla Blanka pic

as well as my German egg cups
and ironstone pitchers and platters
(well...I may list one or two)

Hvitur Lakris pic
 I reluctantly listed my green French wire bird cage
(shhh...if it doesn't sell...I may keep it) 

Hvitur Lakris pic
I have a bit of sorting to do in every room 
of the house...well, actually a lot of sorting...
I'll keep you posted on how I'm progressing
until then...

Enjoy the day!