Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guggy Girl...

It's a wet gray day in San Antonio..
NOT our usual TYPICAL sunny DAY it's still winter
It always puts me in a mood  and
as much as I love my hubby, Wayne and son, Jacob
I tend to miss my daughter, BriAnna the most
Darn...I thought I had this "empty-nester"...
 missing my kids, wanting to bug my kids, feeling left out of their daily routines
"thing" sorted!

Pacific University RHA Prez

so...I'm sharing with whoever happens to read this
On days like today
I immerse myself in housecleaning
I AM A LAZY homemaker, so this is a BIG deal
and will even tackle the garage in search of goodies
I may find a few things and list on my Etsy site
make a bit of cash
that always cheers me up!

Have a great weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Cheers my friend! I know you miss your family :( I am certain they miss you too! At least you get a clean house or found some lost treasures Looking forward to "hunting"" with you when you return to Cali. ;)