Thursday, January 26, 2012

Short Film...

I have taken a short break from my online shops
to help my daughter, BriAnna with her Senior Thesis short film...

I am learning quickly what is involved (and there are a lot of details and obstacles)
and how difficult it is for student filmmakers 
to complete their films because of budget limitations...
finding a reliable crew among their peers, securing locations,
and casting of the talent...yikes!

L to R: Aaron Ankrom (co-producer)  BriAnna Rosen (writer/director)
 Devin Hand (gaffer)  Rachel Ungar (sound)
Jacob Rosen (director of photography)
The first interior location for the film 
was an apartment located at the Gregory in the Pearl district.
Loved the decor...vintage furnishings, interesting artwork, and 
a stone water fountain inside (pretty impressive).

BriAnna Rosen creator of Margo & Jones
The actors who were cast for the film are pretty awesome too!
The first weekend of shooting went very well despite the 
typical Oregon winter weather of RAIN...RAIN...and more RAIN.
(at least it didn't snow)

The cast and crew have one more weekend of shooting...
BriAnna's pal, Jackie Philpott (Pacific U student)
and I will once again be "craft services"...too much fun!

Show your support for the Arts by visiting the movie's 
fan page Margo and Jones and clicking LIKE
this really does help give the team inspiration!

I will be posting more pics later, so until then...

Enjoy the Day!

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