Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The early arrival of Spring is making me "ant-see" to get out
and go antiquing...junking...flea-ing!

I follow along with Facebook Pals as they post about their 
fun times at the shows where they sell their goods

Atelier de Campagne is one of my faves
Of course you can just go to their website
and purchase directly if you find that
perfect treasure!

A popular Bay Area antiques show 
is held on the first Sunday of every month...

I haven't been able to make this show yet...
missing it by a day or so, darn!

Make a point to go "junkin"...
there are more shows kicking off the buying season
and help support these hard working vendors.
I plan to follow my own advice...
(ssshhh, don't tell the Hubby)

Enjoy the Day!

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