Thursday, May 29, 2014

Atelier ...

an artist's or designer's studio or workroom 

This summer's project is to begin setting up the loft space above the garage at Graystone for my work studio. I'll post pics later of the interior. We need to tame the Virginia Creeper growing up the side of the building and replace the wood trim and install new gutters. I plan to paint the wood staircase leading up to the loft entrance. Lots of love and elbow grease is needed to transform the interior space too 'cause it's pretty rough.

It will be a joy to have a proper space to set up shop displays of merchandise that I will be selling at my Etsy shop. I hope to improve my photographing skills and get my creative juices flowing to better grow my antiques business.

 I had to take a bit of a break from my online shop to focus on family matters, but am excited to get back to work. I am on the hunt for more vintage goodies to list and hope you follow along and check out my happenings and progress. Until my next posting...

Enjoy the Day!

xx Agnes

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