Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Effort Please...

The post has arrived and I am all excited
'cause I was expecting packages this week!
After signing for both parcels
My wonderful postman (actually her name is Lisa)
handed me this box
I heard rattling
not good...feeling nervous
covered in lots of priority mail tape
 It was an antique German soup tureen
I'm expecting to find popcorn and bubble wrap
Not newspapers and plastic grocery shopping bags 
just piled at the top of the box!
I am now starting to feel a little sick

looked like a recycling container
 after moving all the newspaper and grocery bags 
this is what I find...

My heart sank...

This beautiful antique ceramic soup tureen 
had not been properly wrapped at all!
Where's all the cushioning? Where's the popcorn?
not packaged to shipping standards
I could not believe that the sender
 would choose to package this antique piece
for shipment in this way...
I am beyond feeling ill to just feeling angry
and feeling DISAPPOINTED

Not salvageable at all
Now I open the next box...

So good

The items are all wrapped in bubble wrap
although there isn't any extra cushioning
because the items in the box
aren't fragile???

They are made of wood and DON'T NEED
to be packaged as carefully as ceramics!
it's okay that there isn't any popcorn
Two different sellers
with two different outcomes

the lone survivor
This seller was selling the soup tureen for an elderly neighbor
 it was a BUY NOW item
so,  I thought to myself...
it's a fair asking price for a beautiful antique piece
the money is going to an elderly person who needs it
it'll be a nice souvenir of the days 
when our family lived in Germany
just a bit of effort was needed to avoid this loss
at the loss of this beautiful piece 
 for the seller not taking
the time to properly wrap a fragile item
and package it correctly for shipping
I have emailed the seller
to give the bad news and
I hope I won't be disappointed
at the outcome of this transaction!

Thanks for allowing me to vent
otherwise I may start crying...


1 comment:

  1. That's horrible. I had a similar incident happen to me with ceramic salt and pepper shaker. Unfortunatly my seller did not respond kindly.

    As an online vendor my self I take great care and pride in paking thing well, especially since I know how awful it is to get something broken.

    Nice to see how well the other was packed.